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Environmental Education like you’ve never seen it

After working in over 900 schools in over 20 school districts, we speak kids’ language, we know what they find fun and we know how to help teachers overcome challenges in the classroom.

Planet Protector Academy:

What-we-do-image PPA (250x150)The Academy is a transformative use of educational technology that inspires offline learning, creativity and action!

Curriculum-linked and easy-to-use, it engages diverse learners, facilitates inquiry-based learning and empowers students to take positive action! Learn more!

“This is one of the most advanced examples of engaging trans-media that I have seen anywhere in the education space at any level. It’s great to see it coming from K-12.”
– Phil Chatterton, Director, Digital Media Technologies, UBC
Former Regional Sales Executive, Blackboard Collaborate

Live Shows

muni imageEach year we bring our award-winning live shows to 50,000 kids in 200 schools across BC’s Lower Mainland.

Designed to fit seamlessly into K-7 curriculum, they teach key environmental conservation concepts and generate whole-school engagement with your district’s strategic priorities. Find out more!

“It is such a joy to see children laughing while learning”
– Vice Principal, Carleton Elementary School, Vancouver, BC

“Your entertaining presentation will keep us inspired to continue in our efforts.”
– Mrs. Eaton, Principal, Parkland Elementary, Coquitlam, BC

“So, all those kids who come to me every day for plastic forks at lunch, guess what? No more!”
– Principal, after the performance of “Zero Heroes” at their school

Transforming education

By engaging the whole child, we reach diverse learners and make learning meaningful: they get excited, they move, they sing along and talk back, they connect deeply with our characters and are eager to put into practice the simple lessons they have learned.

  • 850,000 kids have seen our shows since 1997!
  • 100% of teachers say our programs create behavioural change in kids.
  • 82% of teachers say we are more effective than other enviro-ed programs.

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