We empower kids to lead change at home!

By using the power of kids bugging their parents, our programs empower the next generation of citizens to lead change in their families’ environmental habits.

Planet Protector Academy


The Academy is an innovative citizen engagement program that reaches through classrooms to families by turning kids into apprentice ‘Planet Protectors’, sending them on superhero missions at home to save energy and reduce driving.

Digital-led and designed to work in any size community, the program gives municipalities measurable behaviour change results. Find out more!

“ You deliver the ‘TravelSmart’ message better than anyone else.”
– Franky Kirby, Former Program Manager, TransLink

Live Shows

Designed in consultation with city governments to align with municipal outreach goals, our shows address a variety of topics including Water, Waste, Energy, Transportation and Clean Streets.

We perform across BC’s Lower Mainland and reach the entire elementary school, inspiring kids in huge numbers to go home and change their families. Find out more!

Children point out what doesn't belong in the dump at the play Zero Heroes

Children point out what doesn’t belong in the dump.

“My daughter saw your water play four years ago. She came home, changed the whole family’s behaviours and she still reminds me to turn off the taps!”
– Portia Sam, mother

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Solving problems for municipalities

We have seventeen years of experience designing programs to meet municipal outreach goals. Since our original partnership with the City of Vancouver in 1997, we have now worked with over twenty municipalities across Canada.

“You have a very balanced approach, between what you see as being needed creatively, and listening to what we’re saying and what we want… That’s why you’ve been so successful selling to so many municipalities for so many years.”
– Lindsay Moffat, City of Vancouver

We can tailor our hilarious, lively – and effective – interactive experiences to suit your message. We then reach out into your community and help kids become superhero agents of positive change.

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