Training Planet Protectors since 1997!

As a registered charity, we develop partnerships and garnering funding support to provide our Planet Protector Academy educational resource and live shows to schools at no cost to them. This ensures children of all socioeconomic backgrounds get access to our programs, including those in marginalized communities and remote areas.

“The DreamRider Team have proven their creative, responsive and innovative approach to tackling social and environmental issues. They have the potential for profound and far-reaching positive change.” – Elizabeth Loughheed-Green, Manager of Community Investment, Vancity Foundation

PPA superhero kidsInspiring Kids

Above all, we want kids to feel excited and empowered to protect the environment. We give them more than knowledge, tools and techniques; we give them joy and desire, engaging their hearts and spirits so that they actually become key drivers of environmental behaviour change at home and in their communities.

Kids are leading amazing change (65% of families driving less!), but our greatest achievement is that 76% of kids feel like real life Planet Protectors!

“The DreamRider team continues to impress me with their determination and success and is truly making a positive and significant difference in our community.”   – Howard Jang, TELUS Vancouver Community Board, Canada Council Board of Directors.

PPA teacherSupporting teachers

Teachers work hard at a difficult and very important job. We help them by providing exciting teaching resources and learning experiences that meet diverse learning needs and curriculum outcomes.

100% of teachers would recommend the Planet Protector Academy!

“I learned from your program how to use teams and points to help with classroom management. I’m keeping the kids in teams for the rest of the term, and have shared this with other teachers in the school.” – Hilary Devries, VP and Grade 5 Teacher, Topham Elementary, Langley.

Assisting Municipalities

We work with municipalities to help them meet their environmental objectives by engaging the next generation of citizens with outreach programs that actually change public behaviours on environmental issues.

“DreamRider has a unique ability to educate and inspire children on environmental issues through song and theatre. These productions really hit home!”
– City of Coquitlam

Employing Artists

We are an arts organization devoted to supporting local artists in their creative practice. We’ve won some awards too!

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