Curriculum Links

Effortlessly meet your curriculum objectives

We’ve designed the Academy to be lots of fun, but also to provide concrete learning outcomes for your students. Subjects covered include:

  • Course Map thumbnailArts, including working together to develop dramatic work and using imagination, voice and movement to express ideas
  • Science, including weather, climate, climate change, greenhouse gases, energy, electricity, and use of (non)renewable resources
  • Language, including listening, speaking, collaborating and problem solving to explore ideas and complete tasks
  • Social Studies, including environmental responsibility, personal action and appropriate technology in society
  • Also… goal setting, empathy for others and whatever else you want to teach using the superhero storyline!

Curriculum links are currently available for:

Canada (Grades 3-6)

United States (Grades 3-5)

We continue to add more provinces and states as we move into new areas.

Want to help us develop curriculum links in your school system? Contact us!