Curriculum Links

Effortlessly meet your curriculum objectives

We’ve designed the Academy to be lots of fun in the classroom, but also to make it easy for teachers to deliver on prescribed learning outcomes. Subjects covered include:

  • Course Map thumbnailArts, including working together to develop dramatic work and using imagination, voice and movement to express ideas
  • Science, including weather, climate, climate change, greenhouse gases, energy, electricity, and use of (non)renewable resources
  • Language, including listening, speaking, collaborating and problem solving to explore ideas and complete tasks
  • Social Studies, including environmental responsibility, personal action and appropriate technology in society
  • Also… goal setting, empathy for others and however else the teacher wants to integrate the superhero storyline!

Curriculum links are currently available for:

Canada (Grades 3-6)

United States (Grades 3-5)

We continue to add more provinces and states as we move into new areas.

Want to help us develop curriculum links in your school system? Contact us!