Not your usual Ed Tech resource

We’ve worked in over 900 schools in 20 different school districts. We understand the challenges teachers face in the classroom and have designed an easy to scale curriculum-linked resource that transforms classroom learning:

 PPA Esmeralda and Goober1. Easy to implement

No special equipment and training needed!

“Just press play and it runs itself”
– Shane Hipwell, Grade 4-5 Teacher, Abbotsford, BC

100% of teachers found it easy to use!
(2014 Teacher Survey)

PPA teacher2.Reaches every student

Our arts-based approach facilities learners of all styles and abilities to learn, work and have fun together!

“My child with autism and my most gifted child were equally engaged.”
– Suzanne Seward, Grade 6 Teacher, North Vancouver, BC

3. Flexible and adaptable

Teachers use the resource at their own pace, expanding lessons based on student interest and curriculum needs.

twokidsgirlpoints4. Builds teachers’ skills and capacities

Helps teachers become more confident using inquiry-based learning, gamification and collaboration in their pedagogical process.

Our lovable characters engage the whole classroom that makes management a breeze, freeing the teacher up to provide more personalized learning to students.

5. Drives the sustainability agenda

The superhero storyline is infinitely adaptable and can be used to develop engagement with district sustainability initiatives, such as recycling and organics composting.

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