Engaging kids. Driving extraordinary change.

The Planet Protector Academy has been developed in consultation with municipalities to deliver on their climate change outreach goals. We’ve also worked with behaviour change experts, elementary school teachers and kids themselves to ensure the program is effective and meets needs across the value chain. Contact us to let us know how we can help you!

“You have to see it to believe how engaged DreamRider gets kids. Every Vancouver school should get this program”
– Amy Fournier, Sustainability, City of Vancouver

“You deliver the ‘Travel Smart’ message better than anyone else.”
– Franky Kirby, Former Program Manager, TransLink

“A great way to have an effect on the real world, which we don’t often find.”
– Robert Gifford, Professor, Psychology and Environmental Studies, Uni of Victoria

Kids leading change

Hear from kids about the change they’re making in their families, and themselves!

Want to bring to Academy to your community? Contact us to find out how!