Solving problems for municipalities

We’ve used our seventeen years of meeting municipal outreach goals to design a program that works in any size community needing to reduce energy and transportation emissions. We can help you overcome the challenges of engaging citizens to take action! Here’s a high-5:

1. Provides measurable behaviour change data

Kids report their progress straight into the website and we report back on the data at the end of the school year. The program provides 15 different indicators to measure the its impact and effectiveness, with results from our 2014 cohort showing:

  • 65% of parents driving less
  • 66% of parents idling less
  • 77% of families taking shorter showers
  • 70% of families turning off lights more
  • 74% of kids feel like real-life Planet Protectors!
PPA superhero kids2. Engages schools and teachers

Our experience of working in 900+ schools translates into an online curriculum-linked resource that teachers love to use. 100% of teachers from our 2014 cohort would recommend the program to their colleagues!

“It fit beautifully with my curriculum – the highlight of the term.”
– Rand Webber, Grade 4 Teacher, Quilchena Elementary, Vancouver, BC

3. Reaches ‘beyond the choir’

Universal classroom delivery and our unique storyline-led approach ensures that changing behaviours is fun, measurement is a game and reporting is exciting. Oh and did we mention the army of 10 year old cultural and linguistic translators?

4. Turnkey resource for easy & scalable delivery

The online resource is ready to go and we can help recruit teachers on your behalf. Choose the reach of the project depending on your budget!

5. Relevant to individual families

role playWhile universal in delivery, our unique arts-based approach ensures that the content is led by and tailored to the kids’ own circumstances.

For example, they are encouraged to brainstorm barriers their parents might have for adopting sustainable transportation, before coming up with solutions to overcome them and then role playing the conversation with their classmates!

Demonstrating innovation

We understand that you’re being asked to innovate, and we’ve experimented and failed on your behalf! Watch our tongue-in-cheek video below as our overworked municipal worker wonders how he will reduce emissions – and get that corner office!

Do your programs need a superhero boost? Contact us and let us know how we can help!

                                         Thanks to Vancityfor their support of this video

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