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We speak kids’ language, we know what they find fun and we make them laugh so much that they don’t even realize they’re learning! Fitting seamlessly into K-7 curriculum, we reach diverse learners through song, story and comedy!

engagement-cropOur Live Shows are performed in your school gym and cover a range of topics including:

We also have lots of FREE RESOURCES to help you link learning back into the classroom!

“I have been teaching here since 1967, and this is the best show I’ve ever seen.”
– Teacher, Van Horne Elementary School, Vancouver, BC

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H2Whoa! A play about water conservation

H2Whoa! is a fun and effective way to teach kids about the water cycle and water conservationGrades K-7, Run time: 40 minutesBOOK THIS SHOW!

Seen by 42,000 Metro Vancouver kids in its first two years!

Esmeralda Planet Protector needs the help of kids everywhere to defeat the evil Evaporator and protect the watershed! Kids learn:

  • Where the water in their taps comes from
  • Why it isn’t a limitless resource
  • How the entire water cycle works
  • Why water is critical not just for us but for the entire ecosystem
  • How to protect it through rain-barrel capture, water-efficient practices, stream protection and everyday actions like turning off the tap.

“You just covered my entire unit on water, thank you!” – Teacher, North Vancouver

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Keep Cool! Energy & Transportation

Keep Cool! myth-busts climate change and shows kids what they can do to protect their future, all in a friendly, fun and upbeat way. Grades K-7, Run time: 40 minutes. BOOK THIS SHOW!

Over 100,000 Metro Vancouver kids reached since 2008!

Esmeralda Planet Protector, and her loveable sidekick Goober take on the Evil Dr. Carbon and teach kids about positive actions they can take to reduce emissions and prevent climate change. The play inspires kids to:

  • Walk, bike or use transit for shorter trips
  • Bug their parents to stop idling
  • Use energy more efficiently, including turning off lights and appliances
  • Build small, simple habits that all add up to make a really big difference!

“A wonderful, engaging performance – thank you! The dynamic duo kept us on our toes and we loved the costumes.”
– Diane Ehling, Acting Principal, Queensbury Elementary, Vancouver, BC

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Zero Heroes: A Mission for Zero Waste

Zero Heroes inspires kids to take action and change the way they think about consumption, how stuff is made and what ends up in the landfill. Grades K-7, Run time: 40 minutes. BOOK THIS SHOW!

Seen by more than 62,000 kids across Metro Vancouver!

Everyone’s favourite superhero, Esmeralda Planet Protector, and her goofy sidekick Goober need to find out why the dump is filling up so fast! They’ll need everyone’s help to solve the mystery but first they’ll have to deal with the Evil Dr. Carbon, the ruthless supervillain who only cares about profit—and himself. Kids learn about:

  • How garbage ends up in the landfill
  • Consumption and the product lifecycle
  • Food scraps composting
  • Recycling
  • How each positive, waste-reducing habit helps save their town and the whole planet

“The kids loved the [Zero Heroes] song and were singing it for days afterwards. The kids are starting to catch their parents at home throwing things out that they shouldn’t be.” – Teacher, from online survey for Zero Heroes

To date, the kids who have seen Zero Heroes have pledged to reduce their waste by more than 500,000 kilograms!

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Clean Up Your Act: Littering & Graffiti

Clean Up Your Act teaches kids how litter, vandalism and graffiti hurt our communities – and how they can help protect our public spaces. Grades K-3, Run time: 35 minutes. BOOK THIS SHOW!

Now in its 18th year!

Prevention of littering and vandalism begins with shaping the attitudes and behaviours of children at a young age. We use wacky versions of the storybook characters kids know and love to instill a desire to keep our environment safe. Kids go home armed with:

  • The know-how to appropriately dispose of garbage and recycling, and with
  • A sense of personal responsibility for our city streets and natural spaces.

“I think these presentations are the best thing the city does. Our kindergarten class loved your clowning around and got a valuable lesson they will remember in future.”
– Mrs. E. Wood, Franklin School, Vancouver, BC

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Teachers rave about Clean Up Your Act performances at their schools:

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