Vanessa recognized with Awesome Award!

DSC_0151Our Executive Producer, Vanessa LeBourdais, received a surprise award last week in recognition of her leadership and impact on environmental issues.

After closing a party to thank and celebrate the many advisors, funders and colleagues who have helped DreamRider flourish over the last 18 years, Vanessa’s creative partner Ian Gschwind turned the spotlight back on her with an award that had been kept a secret for almost a year! The award highlighted how:

“Her authentic and joyful approach to her personal and professional life has enabled her to make a significant impact on people and communities across BC’s Lower Mainland regarding environmental issues”

The Awesome Awards aim to celebrate the human spirit, community, reciprocity, generosity and all things awesome! They are unique in that:

  • You cannot buy an Awesome Award – the only way to get one is by being awesome!
  • Each award is made from locally salvaged maple and is uniquely named.
  • Each Awesome Award is on a perpetual journey, which means a recipient can only possess it for a few months, before they must pay it forward by selecting another awesome person to present their award to, and so on, and so on…

Accepting the award in a wig (it was a DreamRider party of course!), she was cheered by a whole room who can’t wait to see many more Planet Protectors inspired by DreamRider’s magic!

“I now understand the power of public acknowledgement and appreciation. I am so looking forward to paying this award forward!”

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