How It Works

Empowering kids to lead behaviour change in their families

The Planet Protector Academy is a unique citizen engagement program that reaches through classrooms to families by turning kids into apprentice ‘Planet Protectors’ and sending them home on superhero missions to change their families’ behaviours!

  • Six week program delivered by the teacher as part of the regular school day
  • Led by an interactive website and videos projected at the front of the classroom
  • Kids learn about climate change, energy and transportation issues through fun activities
  • Four at-home missions that focus on energy and transportation behaviour change
  • Kids report on their missions directly into the website, making reporting a breeze!

The program’s approach makes behaviour change fun, measurement a game and reporting exciting!

Innovative approach

Laddered approachOur laddered approach works through progressively difficult behaviour changes, training the family to first switch off lights and take shorter showers before tackling more entrenched transportation habits, such as idling and driving.

Our arts-based approach not only enables children to link learning with their own family’s situations, but also develops powerful long-term identity-based change.

And it’s working! 65% of families recently surveyed are now driving less and 74% of kids feel like real-life Planet Protectors! Learn more about the program’s benefits.

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