Help develop our new zero-waste focused Planet Protector Academy!

PPA Zero Heroes

Following on from the success of our Zero Heroes theatre show, we are looking to develop a zero waste version of our innovative digitally-delivered behaviour change program, the Planet Protector Academy …and we need your help!

Delivered through schools, the Planet Protector Academy is an arts-based and storyline-led educational resource that reaches from classrooms to families by sending kids home on superhero missions to make a measurable change to their families’ environmental behaviours – think kids bugging their parents!

The first iteration of the program – Keep Cool – focused on climate change, specifically energy and transportation habits. The results have been really exciting, with 65% of families driving less, 66% idling less, 77% taking shorter showers and 70% switching off lights more as a result of their participation in the program! 

We are looking to develop a zero waste focused equivalent and would love your help in identifying gaps in existing education & outreach programs and your input on the program’s key messaging. This is your chance to weigh in and make sure the program works for you!


For further information, please contact Sion Lanini, Business Development Alchemist on 604-757-3212 or

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