Are Ian and Sara brother and sister?

No, they’re not.

Are Ian and Sara married?

They’re both married, but not to each other. Sara is married to a man also named Ian, and Ian is married to Vanessa, who writes the music and helps write the plays.

How does Ian jump so high?

Practice! Ian does kung fu and tai chi, and he also eats his broccoli and goes to sleep early.

Will you come back to our school?

We hope so! We plan to. Every year we do more than 200 performances of our plays. We can’t do every school every year, but we try.

How old are Ian and Sara?

Really old. Okay, Ian is 45 and Sara is younger than that.

How long did it take you to make the play?

We’ve been doing some of our plays for over ten years, so we know them by heart now. It doesn’t take long to practice it before we do it for kids. We make little changes all the time, though. But when we first made the play, it took about two months, because we had to make the sets, costumes, props (the things we hold in our hands), music, and the words too, and then we had to practice them. A lot.

Why is Ian so silly?

Because you’ll forget what he says, and you’ll forget what he does, but you’ll remember how he make you feel. And if you remember how you feel, you might remember to do good in the world, because that’s his message.

How did Ian get silly in the first place?

Practice. We had to try a lot of times, and sometimes it doesn’t work. And Ian can’t be silly without Sara.

Will you make a TV show?

We’re making online webisodes called Esmeralda Superspy: Planet Protector. Click here to check them out!