Ian & Sara


Your friendly hosts will get the show on the road. Savvy Sara and outrageous Ian know all the ins and outs of our kooky cast of characters. Watch their behind the scenes clip!

Inside info: These best friends can show you the ropes—if Sara can dodge Ian’s practical jokes!

Esmeralda Superspy Planet Protector


The Protector Agency’s absolute best secret-agent undercover planet-protecting superhero superspy! Esmeralda uses her know-how to protect our planet—but she needs help from all the kids to get the job done. Watch her in Esmeralda and the E-Waste Emergency.

Inside Info: Her boss keeps out of sight, where nobody can see.  It’s the secret mystery captain of the Protector Agency!



Esmeralda’s loyal best friend is big-hearted, easy to love, and always a ton of fun. He wants to help Esmeralda in her quest to protect the world (but she usually has to save him first!).  Watch him in Esmeralda Planet Protector and the Litterless Lunch.

Inside Info: Even if he messes up so much along the way, Goober always learns…and helps to save the day.

Mrs. G


This happy, friendly teacher can turn the most boring lesson into something really fun! With her bright songs and big voice, she’ll teach us how to help Esmeralda protect the planet. Watch her in Esmeralda Planet Protector and the Litterless Lunch.

Inside Info: Your favourite singing teacher loves wearing pink from head to toes. Sing along with all her songs to learn everything she knows!

The Professor


This nutty genius invents the coolest gadgets and gizmos! Esmeralda Planet Protector relies on him to make the tools that will help her save the world. Watch him in Keep Cool!

Inside Info: Better stand back and make plenty of room! When The Professor makes mistakes, big things go boom.

DJ No Sense & Lady BlahBlah


These green-minded hip hop stars are mad hot to keep cool by reducing waste and energy use. Watch them rap about Disposables!

Inside Info: These cool cats keep a super-groovy beat, just to let folks know that the Earth must not deplete!

 The Aliens


From high up in space, alien observers Netter and Iggigi try to figure out why we humans do the crazy things we do down on Earth. Watch them in Keep Cool!

Inside Info: These spacy dudes kept goofing up back on Planet Xay—so their bosses sent them here to Earth to keep them far away!

The Clowns


These clowns are learning to clean up their act!  Watch their silly antics!

The Planet Protector Kids


This team of smart young cadets at the Planet Protector Academy are always on guard to help Esmeralda save the day. Watch them in Esmeralda and the E-Waste Emergency.

Inside Info: The Planet Protector Kids are always caring, kind, and fair. They’re just like you in every way! (Except the purple hair.)

The Evil Dr. Carbon


A ruthless villain who only cares about himself! He plans to make a billion dollars in beachfront real estate, even if he has to melt the ice caps to do it. Watch him in our special web episode!

Inside Info: Esmeralda has a plan to stop Carbon’s nasty tricks—but we’ll all need to act to make sure her rescue sticks!



Our fashion-forward mistress of mess takes shabby chic waaaaay too far. She’s ahead of the curve, getting this year’s trends from where they’ll end up next—on the garbage pile. Watch her in Esmeralda Planet Protector and the Litterless Lunch.

Inside Info: Trashella will do anything to keep her image fresh and cool. She doesn’t know that all that trash makes her look like quite a fool!

The Blaster


Warning! Dangerous! The Blaster likes to blow up mountains to make money…just so he can buy more explosives! Watch him in Esmeralda and the E-Waste Emergency.

Inside Info: This villain is crazy, wicked, and deranged—good thing he doesn’t have a whole lot of brains!