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Below you will find links to activity books, videos, songs, and more, featuring characters from our live shows and the Planet Protector Academy.  Please feel free to use them in your classroom!

Planet Protector Academy

Our classroom resource is available free of charge in particular areas each year, contact us to find out if your area is covered!

Planet Protector Songs

Learn and sing songs from our live shows and the Planet Protector Academy in your class, in assemblies, at at home! Karaoke and learning tracks included.

Green Teacher Magazine Articles

Articles by our Executive Producer, Vanessa LeBourdais, which include classroom activities, have appeared in Green Teacher Magazine.  Read them here:

“Let the Games Begin!” – January 2016
“Planet Protecting Superheroes” – December 2014

Activity Books

Each of our live shows has an activity book you can download here (link), full of comics, puzzles, songs and more!


Watch as Esmeralda Planet Protector and her sidekick Goober fight eco-villains! Check out the Good Green News! Watch DreamRider’s live shows! and more.


We have puzzles, we have papercrafts, we have song lyrics!


If you need help or have questions about any of our resources, contact us!


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