DreamRider in Green Teacher Magazine!

Read the full magazine article here.

DreamRider’s unique arts-based and story-line led approach to inspiring kids to protect the planet has been featured in the latest issue of Green Teacher magazine! Green Teacher readers: find free resources here.

Our Executive Producer, Vanessa LeBourdais, uses examples from our Planet Protector Academy classroom-based experience to show how stories and arts-based activities can create inclusive and engaging learning environments for diverse learners – while being lots of fun too!


Stories create a container, a shared experience, in which learning can happen… Stories help a child answer the question: how does this learning relate to the real world, and to my life?

When we approach learning from a full-brain or whole-child perspective, we include kids who are less logical, have a hard time with language or writing, or difficulties communicating.’

‘We need citizens who can think differently than before – young people who can imagine futures and solutions, and who can cope with a rapidly changing world.

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