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Vanessa recognized with Awesome Award!

DSC_0151Our Executive Producer, Vanessa LeBourdais, received a surprise award last week in recognition of her leadership and impact on environmental issues.

After closing a party to thank and celebrate the many advisors, funders and colleagues who have helped DreamRider flourish over the last 18 years, Vanessa’s creative partner Ian Gschwind turned the spotlight back on her with an award that had been kept a secret for almost a year! The award highlighted how:

“Her authentic and joyful approach to her personal and professional life has enabled her to make a significant impact on people and communities across BC’s Lower Mainland regarding environmental issues”

The Awesome Awards aim to celebrate the human spirit, community, reciprocity, generosity and all things awesome! They are unique in that:

  • You cannot buy an Awesome Award – the only way to get one is by being awesome!
  • Each award is made from locally salvaged maple and is uniquely named.
  • Each Awesome Award is on a perpetual journey, which means a recipient can only possess it for a few months, before they must pay it forward by selecting another awesome person to present their award to, and so on, and so on…

Accepting the award in a wig (it was a DreamRider party of course!), she was cheered by a whole room who can’t wait to see many more Planet Protectors inspired by DreamRider’s magic!

“I now understand the power of public acknowledgement and appreciation. I am so looking forward to paying this award forward!”

DreamRider in Green Teacher Magazine!

Read the full magazine article here.

DreamRider’s unique arts-based and story-line led approach to inspiring kids to protect the planet has been featured in the latest issue of Green Teacher magazine! Green Teacher readers: find free resources here.

Our Executive Producer, Vanessa LeBourdais, uses examples from our Planet Protector Academy classroom-based experience to show how stories and arts-based activities can create inclusive and engaging learning environments for diverse learners – while being lots of fun too!


Stories create a container, a shared experience, in which learning can happen… Stories help a child answer the question: how does this learning relate to the real world, and to my life?

When we approach learning from a full-brain or whole-child perspective, we include kids who are less logical, have a hard time with language or writing, or difficulties communicating.’

‘We need citizens who can think differently than before – young people who can imagine futures and solutions, and who can cope with a rapidly changing world.

Learn more about how you can bring the Academy to your classroom or community!

Help develop our new zero-waste focused Planet Protector Academy!

PPA Zero Heroes

Following on from the success of our Zero Heroes theatre show, we are looking to develop a zero waste version of our innovative digitally-delivered behaviour change program, the Planet Protector Academy …and we need your help!

Delivered through schools, the Planet Protector Academy is an arts-based and storyline-led educational resource that reaches from classrooms to families by sending kids home on superhero missions to make a measurable change to their families’ environmental behaviours – think kids bugging their parents!

The first iteration of the program – Keep Cool – focused on climate change, specifically energy and transportation habits. The results have been really exciting, with 65% of families driving less, 66% idling less, 77% taking shorter showers and 70% switching off lights more as a result of their participation in the program! 

We are looking to develop a zero waste focused equivalent and would love your help in identifying gaps in existing education & outreach programs and your input on the program’s key messaging. This is your chance to weigh in and make sure the program works for you!


For further information, please contact Sion Lanini, Business Development Alchemist on 604-757-3212 or sion@dreamriderproductions.com

DreamRider wins TELUS Innovation Award!

We’re excited to announce that the TELUS Vancouver Community Board has recognized DreamRider’s “Planet Protector Academy: Keep Cool” program with their 2014 Innovation Award!

TELUS Innovation Award

“For making a lasting and sustainable technological impact within the local community.”

DreamRider has packaged 17 years of youth engagement expertise into an interactive multimedia platform that empowers kids to lead behaviour change in their families! Find out more about the Academy!

Thank you TELUS for believing in us and supporting innovation. We can’t pioneer new ways to engage kids on environmental issues without great partners like you. Read more about the $8 million that TELUS is donating to charities this year.

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