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TELUS Vancouver Community Board Grant

TELUS Vancouver Community Board had awarded a grant of $10,000 to DreamRider Productions for our brand new program, Emergency Preparedness Squad!  The following photo-op took place after a visit to a participating classroom at Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary in Vancouver, BC.

Many thanks to the staff and students who welcomed Jenn and Patricia to the school!

And even more gratitude to TELUS for their support of our program!

L-R: Jenn Hogg (DreamRider), Selina Liu (AR Lord), Patricia Shields (TELUS Vancouver Community Board)



NEW!! Disposables Rap Music Video

No more single use plastics! From DreamRider Productions’ long-running hit show Zero Heroes – seen by over 100,000 kids.

Thanks to Metro Vancouver and TELUS for their generous support!


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