Solving problems for teachers in the classroom

We’ve used our seventeen years experience of youth engagement in over 900 schools to design a resource that solves problems in the classroom. Teachers keep telling us how the resource is:

1. Educational

The resource was developed to meet provincial prescribed learning outcomes in arts, science, social science and language arts curriculum for Grades 3 – 6. Read more about the curriculum links.

“It fit beautifully with my curriculum, the highlight of the term.”
– Rand Webber, Grade 4 Teacher, Vancouver, BC

DSC011692. Engaging

The arts-based approach accommodates learners of all styles and abilities.

“My child with autism and my most gifted child were equally engaged.”
– Suzanne Seward, Grade 6 Teacher, North Vancouver, BC

3. Innovative

This transformative use of technology helps teachers easily bring IT into the classroom, teach 21st century skills and facilities personalized learning. In a nutshell: it helps teachers do more!

“Management was minimal so gave me time to interact with the kids more.”
– Anonymous Teacher (2014 Teacher Survey)

4. Easy to use

The Academy website projected at the front of the classroom leads the teacher and students through the program – no workshops or training required!

What-we-do-image PPA (250x150)“Just press play and it runs itself.”
– Shane Hipwell, Grade 4-5 Teacher, Abbotsford, BC

100% of teachers found it easy to use!
(2014 Teacher Survey)

The resource includes six hours of class time spread out over six weeks, or more if the teacher wants. Teachers can expand lessons or include bonus online and offline activities.

PPA superhero kids5. Inspiring

Friendly, relatable video role-models encourage cooperation, build positive self-image and empower children to drive change. The environmental outcomes speak for themselves – 65% of families driving less!

“The Academy is fantastic… students are fully engaged and ask for it every day, so thank you!”
– Melissa Mackie, Grade 5 Teacher, Durham, ON

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