Mission & Values

Our mission is to build generations of socially and ecologically responsible young citizens through the excitement of live theatre and multimedia. Everything we do is fun, creative, welcoming, meaningful, empowering, and inspiring!


Through music, story, theatre and interactive media, we introduce the fundamentals of environmental and social awareness to school-age children, and get them energized about learning, changing their behaviours, and passing that excitement on to their families and communities.

“DreamRider deserves the highest commendation for an educational presentation that made us laugh, think and learn. It is a unique talent to present a serious topic in such a fun way without trivializing the issue. I would not hesitate to recommend them.”
John Speakman, Principal, Glenayre Elementary, Port Moody

Our programs are designed to engage fully with children of all abilities and we embed important lessons into our storylines so that they become a feeling, not just an idea. Kids get so engaged, they don’t even realize they’re learning!

By developing extensive partnerships with municipalities, school districts, foundations and companies, we are able to make our programs available and accessible to every child, whatever background.

We work with diverse communities to inspire environmental superheroes of all races, ethnic backgrounds, orientations, gender identities and religions. Our programming reaches through schools and into families to empower everyone as planet protectors!

Share our values? We are eager to work with companies, foundations, and municipalities who want to inspire the next generation of environmental superheroes. Contact us to start the conversation!

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