Awards & Testimonials

Our Awards

Selected honours for DreamRider Productions and our team:

Ashoka Fellowship for Vaness LeBourdais 2019
Recycling Council of BC Non-profit Award 2018
City of Richmond Arts Award for Cultural Leadership to Co-Founder/Performer Sara Holt 2015
Awesome Award to Executive Producer Vanessa LeBourdais 2015
TELUS Innovation Award for the Planet Protector Academy 2014
Tri-Cities Spirit of Community Environment Award to Vanessa LeBourdais 2011
Burns Bog Conservation Society Eco-Arts Award to Ian Gschwind, 2010
Earth Day Canada‘s Canadian Top Ten Hometown Hero 2009
Moondance International Film Festival Best Script Award 2007
Moondance International Film Festival Best Libretto Award 2006


Kids, parents, educators, foundations, and municipalities all love our programs and shows. Read on to hear what impact we’re making!


“It’s hard to believe how much DreamRider engages kids if you haven’t seen it for yourself. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”
— Amy Fournier, Sustainability, City of Vancouver, BC

“DreamRider has a unique ability to educate and inspire children on environmental issues through song and theatre… These productions really hit home!”
— Madeleine Lemaire, City of Coquitlam, BC

Keep Cool! toured every one of Delta’s 26 elementary schools. Almost 1,000 Delta children were inspired by the play to pledge to reduce their carbon footprint by more than 2,600 tonnes.”
— Kim Houghton, Environmental Office, Corporation of Delta, BC

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Foundations & Corporate Partners

“It was fantastic and the kids were incredibly engaged. You delivered the ‘travel smart’ message probably better than anybody else.”
— Frankie Kirby, Program Manager, Translink

“While other programs may educate young people about environmental issues, DreamRider inspires them to take action. School gymnasiums across the region hum with excitement when DreamRider’s highly interactive shows arrive.”
— Helen Daniels, Executive Director, ArtsConnect Tri-Cities Arts Council

“Some of the best session starters around.”
— Emira Mears, Conference Lead, Social Venture Institute

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“The Planet Protector Academy is brilliant! It incorporates a lot of curriculum that I have trouble sneaking into my day.”
— Shannon Shinoda, Grade 2-3 teacher, Harbour View Elementary, Coquitlam, BC

“The Academy is fantastic….students are fully engaged and ask for it every day so, thank-you!”
— Melissa Mackie, teacher in Durham, Ontario

“The students and teachers were completely engaged for over 45 minutes and I already see the results. Over 15 kids came up to me yesterday to tell me that they had a litterless lunch. I hope that the Tri-Cities will continue to bring such quality shows to our schools.”
— Sally Maidens, Meadowbrook Elementary, Coquitlam, BC

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Parents & Fans

“My daughter saw your water play four years ago. She came home, changed the whole family’s behaviours, and she still reminds me to turn off the taps!”
— Portia Sam, parent

“After I heard your [Zero Heroes song], I called my two restaurants and told them to stop using plastic. I thought recycling was enough, but it’s not.”
— Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, Owner, Frothy Monkey & Burger Up Restaurants

“My 6-year-old daughter loves Esmeralda, and wants to be her. Esmeralda is her first female superhero, and she has completely empowered her. My daughter had never seen a female superhero before. It impacted her deeply—she talked about it for months.”
— Madeleine Shaw, parent

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